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    Post by Natsimi on September 11th 2011, 4:17 pm

    Connected to server but unable to authenticate your login name and password. Make sure you entered the correct global server password or the password for your unique login name. You will be automatically banned if you try connecting with the wrong password several more times, so be sure you have the correct password before you try again. Passwords are case sensitive and must be completely retyped if you are making a change to it. The password will always be displayed as 8 (*'s or dots) even if the actual length of the password is shorter or longer then 8. You should also verify that you entered the correct IP address (or hostname) and Port number. If the port number is wrong you are connecting to the wrong server.

    Past two days I've gotten that message when I've tried to connect to the vent server, looking to see if anyone knows how to fix it.

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