Vindictus [East] Ch. 188

    Laah's Keaghan solo


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    Laah's Keaghan solo

    Post by Laah on January 6th 2013, 7:52 pm

    No video.
    and it was normal mode, because i'm a noob! Razz
    but here are the pictures.

    it was 2nd attempt, and he transed when i had 35 min left. (7.5bars) should've cleared him in 45 min if i didn't derp a lot, but i did... so i barely finished him Razz

    next time, gonna try hard mode. don't know when the next time is though! lol.

    This is my 1st raid solo, so i'm pretty happy!
    i never thought i'd be able to solo a raid since i'm extremely impatient, but my love keaghan made it possible! Very Happy

    the BEST vindi boss ever!
    i totally deserve 10 more manuscripts.

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