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    Kaiserreg Application for Reminiscence

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    Kaiserreg Application for Reminiscence

    Post by Kaiserreg on February 23rd 2013, 6:12 pm

    Character Name: 420y0l0b0w5 (I chose this name thinking I wouldn't actually play the game that long but in the end I really enjoyed the game.)

    Class: Kai

    Character Level: 54

    How many days do you play Vindictus per week? How many hours in a day? It really depends on my work load, it will vary.

    Why would you like to join Reminiscence? I would like to join Reminiscence to get away from the drama of pubs and also because my friend recommended it.

    Introduction (Tell us a little bit about yourself): I play competitive TF2 and normally stick to fps however, I do enjoy the every now and then rpg.

    Previous guilds if any: None

    Referrals (If you were referred by one of our members, let us know who): Raindalf

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    Re: Kaiserreg Application for Reminiscence

    Post by Lisolette on February 23rd 2013, 6:23 pm

    Application accepted. Please apply in-game.

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