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    Loveandwar14's Application

    Post by Loveandwar14 on March 16th 2013, 11:32 pm

    Character Name: Loveandwar14

    Class: Lann

    Character Level: 32

    How many days do you play Vindictus per week? around 4-6 How many hours in a day? about 3-4 on weekdays and 5-8 on weekends

    Why would you like to join Reminiscence? It's and active and professional guild and i'd like to be part of it to both level myself up and the guild.

    Introduction (Tell us a little bit about yourself): well, first things first, I am 14 (I know embarrassing) but whenever I am in a guild i have the urge to be the best i can and earn as much GP as possible, aside from that I'm just like any other teen, i can be playful at times but very serious in others.

    Previous guilds if any: Fairy Tail

    Referrals (If you were referred by one of our members, let us know who): frazbloo

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